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Birthdate:Jun 25
Website:Beyond Reality
This journal is not spoiler-free, I post spoilers, usually under a cut but sometimes I forget. But there are time when I want to stay spoiler-free, so please post spoilers under a cut.

Comment here if you want to be added in my little world.
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My creation journal: creation_corner
the No Matter What series: thenmwseries
Pretender community: onyssius
the Pretender Icon Contest Community: tpicontest
Parker/Jarod community: parker_jarod
Jessica Steen community: jessica_steen

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Vicky. 25. Student. Fanfic writer. Icon and wallpaper maker. Shipper. Fangirl. French.
Stargate SG1. Stargate Atlantis. House MD. Lie to me. Sanctuary. NCIS. The West Wing. the Pretender. CSI. JAG. Battlestar Galactica. Doctor Who. Studio 60. Alias. Without a Trace. Law and Order. Harry Potter. Sailor Moon.
John/Elizabeth. Sam/Jack. Daniel/Janet. Carson/Laura. Kate/Lorne. Jack/Elizabeth. House/Cuddy. Doctor/Donna. Cal/Gillian. Helen/John. Jen/Gibbs. CJ/Danny. Abbey/Jed. Josh/Donna. Gil/Catherine. Parker/Jarod. Harm/Mac. Irina/Jack. Samantha/Jack. Adama/Roslin. Mac/Stella. Usagi/Mamoru.
Torri Higginson. Lisa Edelstein. Allison Janney. Catherine Tate. David Tennant. Amanda Tapping. Richard Dean Anderson. Marg Helgenberger. Mary McDonnell. Joe Flanigan. David Hewlett. Jamie Denton. Andrea Parker. Hugh Laurie. Alan Rickman.
Friends only. Lots of fangirling and life stuff. Icons/Walls/Fanfics at creation_corner. Feel free to friend either me or my art journal. I usually friend back unless we have really nothing in common.
creation_corner. thenmwseries. tpicontest. onyssius. parker_jarod. jessica_steen.


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